Product assurance is the core of what we do and we believe it is essential in today's world of cheap and often dangerous imports. 

Our in house test engineers check the quality of all products we supply this is why we are able to often supply with extended warranties and on-site warranties.

Some of the Tests We Undertake



LED chips need to run at an optimal temperature to perform, it's like a Goldie locks zone, too cold the chips run dim, too hot and you reduce their life.

Our testing ensures the correct cooling solution is used.


Image by Michał Mancewicz

LED chips can be susceptible to sudden spikes in voltage called surge.  That's why we test that our supplied luminaires come with adequate surge protection for most situations.


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Lighting equipment can and does interfere with Wi-Fi, mobile phone signals, medical equipment etc.

We check to ensure our equipment complies with all the required standards.



Due to the way LED chips are manufactured the quality of the light they emit can vary substantially. We check CCT, lumen outputs and CRI.